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RPS logo


The Rogers Public Schools logo uses three colors:

Medium blue (CMYK - C99, M50, Y0, K0 / RGB - R0, G114, B188 / #0072BC)
Light blue (CMYK - C70, M18.4, Y10, K0 / RGB - R60, G165, B204 / #3CA5CC)
Medium red (CMYK - C11, M96, Y98, K2 / RGB - R210, G47, B20 / #D22F28)
Dark red (CMYK - C19, M98, Y99, K9 / RGB - R187, G39, B38 / #BB2726)

The logo should primarily be displayed on a white background.


The fonts used in the logo are Gotham Bold and Gotham Light. A secondary font family for Rogers Public Schools is Arial when Gotham is not available. 


The minimum size of our logo on screen is .625 inches (60px) in height. Please ensure the logo has appropriate spacing around it and no other text or graphics touch the logo.

Other Do’s and Don’ts:

Creating a positive visual impression and maintaining a unique "brand" identity requires using the district logo consistently. To do this, please follow these guidelines:

Don’t modify the logo.

Don’t change its colors.

When adjusting the size of the logo, keep the height and width proportional to the original logo.

If you would like to use the logo in any manner other than what is in our guidelines, please contact Jason Ivester in communications at to request permission.

Logo Files

RPS Logo - EPS

High Resolution for Printing

RPS Logo - JPG

RPS Logo - PDF

RPS Logo - PNG

Transparent background