General Phonics Resources 
Phonics Pacing Guide K-3
Decoding Skills That Should Be Mastered By Year's End DOC 

English Language Spelling Pattern Generalizations SHEET
Spelling Generalizations SLIDES 

Rapid Recognition Chart Generator EXCEL (must download) 

Kindergarten Sound Wall Cards Consonants PDF
        Small Version PDF
Kindergarten Sound Wall Cards Vowels PDF
        Small Version PDF
Kindergarten Sound Wall Folder PDF

Sound Wall Cards (Consonants) WORD
SMALL Consonant Cards  WORD
Sound Wall Cards (Vowels) WORD
SMALL Vowel Cards WORD

Closed Syllable Practice FOLDER

Scope and Sequence
Start Up (K) Scope and Sequence   PDF
Build Up (1st) Scope and Sequence  PDF
Spiral Up (2nd) Scope and Sequence  PDF
Word Study & Vocabulary (3rd) Scope and Sequence PDF

7 Syllable Types  WORD
7 Syllable Types Poster  PDF

Kindergarten Resources
Start Up Phonics Lessons
Kindergarten Sound Wall SMART
RPS Path of Movement Letter Script  PDF
Red Lesson Planning Chart  WORD
Purple Lesson Planning Chart WORD

5 Ways to Learn a Letter  PDF

Introducing Open and Closed Syllables Foldable PDF

Kindergarten Blending Cards PUB

Key Pictures
ABC Picture Bank  PPT
ABC Chart   PUB    PDF  
18 x 24 ABC Chart Poster  PDF
Vertical Frieze   PPT   

Key Picture Building Background PPTs

K Phonics HF Words  DOC

Additional Connected Text Resources
Auburn Decodable Texts Written by Teachers
DCS Reading Coaches wiki
Decoding Fluency Practice
Hubbard's Cupboard CVC Emergent Phonics Readers
Progressive Phonics Beginner Book 1
SPELD SA Phonics Books Set 1
Pip and Tim to be used after Unit 7 
West Virginia Phonics with Decodable Text 
Core Knowledge Decodable Texts 
Kindergarten Decodable Text Connected to Benchmark Phonics SHEET

Unit Practice Pages

 Unit 1 DOC  Unit 6 DOC  Unit 11 DOC  Unit 16 DOC  Unit 21 DOC
 Unit 2 DOC  Unit 7 DOC  Unit 12 DOC  Unit 17 DOC  Unit 22 DOC
 Unit 3 DOC  Unit 8 DOC  Unit 13 DOC  Unit 18 DOC  Unit 23 PDF
 Unit 4 DOC  Unit 9 DOC  Unit 14 DOC  Unit 19 DOC  Unit 24 PDF
 Unit 5 DOC  Unit 10 DOC  Unit 15 DOC  Unit 20 DOC  Unit 25 PDF

Syllable Type Assessment (Kindergarten) DOC 

First Grade Resources
Build Up Phonics Lessons
Key Pictures

Blends Picture Bank  PPT
Blend  Chart  Publisher  PUB  PDF
18 x 24 Blend Chart Poster PDF
Vertical Frieze   PPT  PDF
Introducing Open and Closed Syllables Foldable (Lesson One) PDF

Multi-Syllable Word Chart DOC
1st Grade Blending Cards PUB

Blend Picture Building Background PPTs
blueberry broccoli   chick clock   crab
 drum  flag  frog  globe  grape
 knot  phone  plane  present  scarf
 screwdriver  shoe  skunk  sled  smile
 snake  spoon  sprout  squirrel  star
 strawberry  sweater  thermometer  thread  truck
 twins  whistle      

Vowel Team Chart  PDF

Additional Connected Text Resources 
Unit 12 Diagraph -ck DOC
Unit 13 Digraphs ch & sh DOC
Unit 14 Digraphs th & wh DOC
Unit 15 Vowel Team ai/ay DOC
Unit 16 Long o digraphs oa/ow/oe/o(ld) DOC  
Unit 18 Long i digraphs ie/i/igh/y DOC 
Unit 20 Variant Vowel /ar/ DOC
Unit 22 Variant Vowel /or/ oar, oor, ore  DOC
Unit 26 Variant Vowel /o/ ough, al, au, aw, o, augh DOC 
Unit 28 Diphthong /ou/ ow, ou DOC 
Unit 30 Soft c, g DOC 
1st Grade Decodable Text Connected to Benchmark Phonics SHEET

Unit Practice Pages
 Scope and Sequence DOC  How to Use Unit Practice Pages DOC
Unit 1 DOC Unit 2 DOC Unit 3 DOC Unit 4 DOC Unit 5 DOC
Unit 6 DOC Unit 7 DOC Unit 8 DOC Unit 9 DOC Unit 10 DOC
Unit 11 DOC Unit 12 DOC Unit 13 DOC Unit 14 DOC Unit 15 DOC
Unit 16 DOC Unit 17 DOC Unit 18 DOC Unit 19 DOC Unit 20 DOC
Unit 21 DOC Unit 22 DOC Unit 23 DOC Unit 24 DOC Unit 25 DOC
Unit 26 DOC Unit 27 DOC Unit 28 DOC Unit 29 DOC Unit 30 DOC
 Unit 31 DOC        

Second Grade Resources
Spiral Up Phonics Lessons
Frieze Cards  PPT   PDF
Frieze Cards (with RED letters)  PPT  PDF

Syllable Type Activities LINK 

2nd Grade Blending Cards PUB

2nd Grade Sound Wall Cards Vowels WORD PDF

DESK Multi-syllabic Words

Third Grade Resources
Word Study Lessons