Guidelines and Management Tools

General Guidelines for Instruction

Kindergarten   PDF
First Grade    PDF
Second Grade    PDF
Third Grade    PDF
Fourth & Fifth Grade   PDF

Mapping Out the Year (Teacher Checklist)

August  PDF
September  PDF
October PDF
November PDF
January  PDF

Classroom Management Resources

The Articles that Most Shaped My Classroom Managment by Dave Stuart

Smart Classroom Management by Michael Linsin 

Building Your Teacher Toolbox: 5 Ways to Improve Classroom Management 

Class Culture Resources

Class Culture 

Cooperative Learning Resources

The Essential 5: A Starting Point for Kagan Cooperative Learning

Round Robin/Rally Robin

Think, Pair, Share

Rally Coach

Parent Teacher Conference Resources

Ten Tips for Productive Parent Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conference Tip Sheets

Making the Most of Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences