Word Study Lessons

3rd Grade SMART Board Lessons

Third Grade Word Study

Compound Words
Unit 1 Compound words

Inflectional Endings 
Unit 2 Adding -ing to words with VC and VCC patterns
Unit 3 Adding -ing to words with VCe and VCC patterns 
Unit 4 Review of double, e-drop, and nothing
Unit 5 Adding -ed to words
Unit 6 Unusual past tense words
Unit 7 Plural endings: adding -es, -ies
Unit 8 Irregular plurals
Unit 9 y + inflectional endings

Open and Closed Syllables 
Unit 10 Syllable juncture in VCV and VCCV patterns
Unit 11 More syllable juncture in VCV and VCCV patterns 
Unit 12 Syllable juncture in VCV and VVCV patterns
Unit 13 Syllable juncture in VCCCV and VV patterns
Unit 14 Open and closed syllables and inflected endings

Vowel Patterns in Accented/Stressed Syllables

Unit 15 Long a patterns in accented syllables 
Unit 16 Long i patterns in accented syllables 
Unit 17 Long o patterns in accented syllables
Unit 18 Long u patterns in accented syllables 
Unit 19 Long e patterns in accented syllables 

Unaccented Syllables 
Unit 20 Unaccented final syllables (le)
Unit 21 Unaccented final syllables (le, el, il, al) 
Unit 22 Unaccented final syllables (er, ar, or) 
Unit 23 Agents 
Unit 24 Final -y, -ey, and -ie

Unit 25 Hard and soft c
Unit 26 Hard and soft g 
Unit 27 The sound of k spelled ck, ic, and x

Unit 28 Prefixes (re-, un-)
Unit 29 Prefixes (dis-, mis-, pre-)
Unit 30 Suffixes (-y, -ly, -ily)
Unit 31 Comparatives (-er, -est)

Word Study Investigations 
Unit 32 Anagrams