Social Studies

5th Grade



AR Standards



Year at a Glance

Arkansas Standards 

5th Grade 
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4-5 General Guidelines 
for Instruction

WEEK 1: Flag Etiquette 

WEEK 1: Geographic Representation

WEEK 2:  Introduction to
 Pre-Columbian Societies

WEEK 1: Did the French Loose Out in North America?

WEEK 2: Taxation without Representation: Tension Mounts

WEEK 3: A Deeper Look at the 13 Colonies

WEEK 1: How Did Sugar Feed Slavery?

WEEK 2: American Revolution

WEEK 3-4: Why do Countries Declare Independence?

WEEK 5: What is the Real Cost of Bananas?

WEEK 6: Should Puerto Rico Be a State?

WEEK 7:  Forming a New Nation

WEEK 8: Economics

Pre-Columbian People of North America
1st Quarter

Colonization & Settlement
2nd Quarter

The American Revolution
4th Quarter

Forming a New Nation
4th Quarter

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