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Our ELA curriculum documents are designed to support the units described in
Common Core Curriculum Maps (English Language Arts)


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Unit Calendars 2018-2019

General Guidelines for Instruction

First Grade Unit Resource Pages 
Year Long Pacing Guide
2018-2019 RISE SMORE
Decoding Skills That Should Be Mastered By Year's End  
NEW! Arkansas English Language Arts Standards
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Unit 1 Unit 2   Unit 3   Unit 4  Unit 5  Unit 6  

Reading Foundation Skills Resource Page

Teacher Created Resources (Intranet Password Required)

ELA Scoring Guides
Report Card Proficiency Guides 1Q DOC  2Q DOC   3Q DOC   4Q DOC
Reading Standards  EXCEL
Reading Foundations Standards EXCEL
Writing Standards  EXCEL
Speaking and Listening Standards EXCEL
Language Standards EXCEL
Handwriting Standards EXCEL
Keyboarding Standards EXCEL
Teacher Adaptations
Reading Literature  EXCEL          Reading Informational  EXCEL 
RL I Can Statements  WORD      RI I Can Statements  WORD

Reading Literature with Rubric  WORD     Reading Informational with Rubric WORD
Writing with Rubric  WORD

Unit 3 Weekly Scoring Guide  EXCEL
Narrative Writing Checklist  WORD
Informational Writing Checklist WORD
Informational Book Writing Checklist  WORD

1st Grade Writing Checklists  WORD
Writing (Language Standards)  EXCEL
Vocabulary RI.1.4 & L.1.4  EXCEL
1st Grade Writing Rubrics
Opinion  WORD
Informative/Explanatory  WORD
Narrative  WORD

Unit 1  WORD
Unit 2  WORD
 Scoring Aids

Leveled Reading Correlation Chart
LLI Practice Word List
Assessments for Independent Reading Level - The Reading & Writing Project

Proficient Writing Samples       1Q      2Q     3Q    4Q

Sample Common Formative Assessments
1st Quarter  
2nd Quarter   
3rd Quarter  RL.1.3  WORD
 4th Quarter  

Sample Lessons
Unit 5 (American Contributions)  Using Links to Make Connections  littlebirdtale
Unit 3 (Life Lessons) Comparing Experiences  PPT
Unit 4 (Winds of Change) Identify Feelings  PPT
Small Group- Inferring Feelings
Small Group- Fluency/Reading Punctuation
Small Group- Story Elements