Civics Curriculum Framework

Unit 1

Civic and Political Institutions

1. Students will analyze the structure and functions of various types of government.

2. Students will analyze the roles of government and the political institutions in governing and protecting citizens.

Unit 2

Participation and Deliberation

3. Students will analyze the role of citizens in society.

4. Students will analyze ways that government protects the rights of citizens.

5. Students will analyze the electoral process and the role of political parties.

Unit 3

Processes, Rules, and Laws

6. Students will analyze the process of making and changing laws.

7. Students will analyze ways institutions work together in carrying out the laws.

Arkansas Civics Exam
Act 478 of 2017 requires all students seeking a high school diploma or high school equivalency diploma to pass the Arkansas Civics Exam with a score of 60% or better. This requirement begins with students graduating during the 2018-2019 school year.
  • Are there any exclusions? A student may be excluded based on their IEP if the IEP team determines there are not sufficient accommodations for the student to access the assessment, if the attends school in the Correctional School System under AR Code Ann 12-29-301 et seq., or is over 18 and seeking a high school equivalency diploma.
  • What about accommodations? Test accommodations listed in student's IEP, LPAC, or 504 plan and which are used regularly in the classroom may be utilized during the exam.
  • What is the design and format of the test? It is a 100 question online multiple choice exam students will take during the school day. If an incorrect response is selected, students will be taken to a “detour”. These are short texts that allow the student to review the topic in question. Students will then be able to return to the incorrectly answered question and select another answer. If the correct answer is selected they will proceed to the next question. If an incorrect response is selected after the “detour,” that item will be scored as incorrect. If a student does not receive a passing score (60%), they will be able to retake the exam as many times as necessary to pass. When a student receives a passing score (60%), it will be recorded automatically by the Arkansas Department of Education.

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