Arkansas History Unit 4

Arkansas History

 Unit 4

Unit Title: Freedom Week

Unit Time Frame: 1 Week

Unit Overview:

Celebrate Freedom Week (Arkansas Act 682 of 2003)
during the week of September 24 – 28, 2012

Essential Learning:

American Government System including
citizen’s freedoms, rights and responsibilities:

Declaration of Independence
Branches of Government
Bill of Rights
Separation of Powers
Balance of Powers
How a bill becomes law
Political Parties

Key Concepts:


Analyze the similarities and differences between the
Declaration of Independence and the Constitution

Analyze the preamble

Create a flow chart – include the responsibilities
of the three branches of government with information
about the checks and balances between each branch.

Given a scenario, students will select the correct
amendment and then write whether there has been
a violation of their amendment or whether they have
committed a crime.

Create a flow chart showing how a bill
becomes law.

Create a Venn diagram comparing and
contrasting the Democratic and
Republican Parties.


Unit Standards
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